We have been working on a charity concept looking at buying up areas of significant natural beauty and scientific interest in far North Queensland, Australia.

The areas we are looking at fall between Mission Beach to the south of Cairns, through to the Daintree Rainforest Reserve north of Cairns.

rainforest and beach

There are large swathes of rainforest currently for sale for development. We propose to buy various tracts of rainforest and put building covenants on the land to prevent as best to our ability destruction of these amazing forests.

The Southern Cassowary is an endangered land bird found wandering these forests, particularly towards the Mission Beach area.  Destruction of their natural habitat is a huge issue and threatens to push this magnificent bird to the brink of extinction.
One of the best ways to conserve this habitat is to safeguard rainforest corridors allowing the inhabitants to roam between areas already cut down and built on.

Our goal is to raise funds to allow us to select the most significant areas to protect.

We have identified approximately 1,200 hectares of rainforest belt that we would put funds towards saving.  Average cost to purchase is AU$12,200 per hectare.  Individual Lot sizes range from 2 Ha to 400Ha.

rainforest lot for sale

Above is an example of such a lot currently for sale.

We will post updates on progress of fund raising as well as publish photos and details of areas saved using funds raised in this process.


At this time we are only accepting Cryptocurrency Donations to the following addresses. We can only accept Bitcoin and Dogecoin at this stage but plan to expand this.

BTC:        1Nf8appVVHWe1wzy5DP3pWaXWKXzKjfEvT


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