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Welcome to Rigel. (Pronounced RAI-JUL)  The name comes from the star Rigel, the seventh-brightest star in the sky, and the brightest in the constellation Orion. It is a blue supergiant nearly sixty thousand times as luminous as our sun.  Stars of Orion, including Rigel, form the 'I' in Rigel in our company logo.  Our company logo is still under development and we welcome comments or ideas to improve this as we develop our business.  I have always had a fascination with the stars and the wider universe, so this was the inspiration here.

Rigel was the brainchild of Graeme Hitchman and Ana Binuluyan based in Sydney, Australia.  As well as being engaged to be married towards the end of this year, we are also now business partners!  We both have very similar ideas about success and the future, and both have an appreciation of the teachings of Napolean Hill, amongst many others.  We have effectively formed our own Mastermind group and spend many hours thinking and brainstorming ideas.  Most Saturday mornings we will go out to find a breakfast place and enjoy the morning with nice food, a cup of tea and our note pad where we review our 'To Do' list from the previous week, and plan what we will do this week as well as just throw ideas around.

This brainstorming is where the idea to form our new business Rigel came from.  Our goal is to build our own brand that will have many branches.  Currently we are working on real estate investing and online clothes retailing particularly within the high fashion niche.  We spend hours researching the best suppliers we can find, checking product reviews and shipping details to make sure the products we supply are of the best quality, and that we can deliver as fast as possible from when we receive the order.  Our other store currently provides trending items around the world, everything from fashionable pet clothes, to kitchen must have gadgets, to TV and Film props that enthusiasts just have to have.  Our research is relentless to bring these newest items to our audience, with new items being brought into store weekly.

Aside from our current business dealings, In the very near future we plan to start up a charity that we can run along side our business and into which we will put a portion of any profits. Education is one area we want to look at providing funds too, as well as a 'Save the Rainforest' Fund. We are early on in the development of the charity concept so it is all very exciting for us.  The thought of being successful and in giving back really is what drives us forward.  More news on this will follow.  If you have ideas for charities you think we could support then please let us know and we will consider how we move forward on that.  For now, with the journey just beginning for us, please enjoy our site and if you have comments on how it could be improved then feel free to let us know.


Best Regards,

Graeme and Ana (Rigel)

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